System Integration


IT environments are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected with a complex mix of technologies, platforms and software applications. These need to work together in order to avoid confusion, inefficiency and decreased productivity. System integration is a viable solution to overcome the challenges of IT complexity due to diverse technologies, platforms and applications.


Humac Inc integration services helps organizations bring together multiple IT systems that cater to different processes, functions and departments. We provide end to end system integration service including requirements gathering, gap analysis, third party co-ordination, interface build, testing and implementation. Our holistic approach to system integration solution ensures scalable, practical information exchange and data integration with appropriate, dependable security configuration. Our team of experts will closely examine the needs of your business, identify and recommend integration solutions, and help you to select and implement appropriate architectures, tools, technologies and frameworks.

Our System Integration Services include:

  • Data Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Web Services Integration
  • Integrated Reporting